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About Traveling Alone

Now in July, I spent a week in New York. It was an impulse bought trip, motivated by a ridiculously cheap ticket I found on the internet. I had to be quick on the trigger, and before I even probed who could accompany me on this mini-vacation, I bought it. And as soon as I bought it, of course, the ticket was sold out.

I was a little unsure. On the one hand, there was a “what did I get myself into?”. Despite having traveled a lot, she had never embarked on her own, like this, outside Brazil. And on vacation! No commitments to distract me from possible loneliness, with no company but me. Puts!

But on the other hand, a hope kindled in my heart. I’ve always wanted to be an independent, traveled and crazy woman, and I even think I convey that impression, but deep down I was more like a needy little girl. “I was”, mind you. Until April of this year, I got involved in a succession of (great) relationships that gave me security, company, affection and carte blanche so I didn’t need to resolve anything in this life alone. Have you identified yourself?

So, it is: traveling alone would be part of my rediscovery process, of building the identity of Raíra single, independent woman, traveled, crazy… hahaha and why not become what you want to be? After all, the more strong women I meet, the more I realize that this cliché of neediness has nothing to do with me.

Then I got empowered! I booked the cheapest hostel I found, managed to save some money and boarded, without thinking twice. And do you know what I found? THAT I AM THE BEST TRAVEL COMPANY IN THE WORLD! Yeaaah!

Nothing beats the feeling of freedom you have when traveling alone, of being able to choose where you go, how long you will stay, what you will spend… With the possibility of completely changing your mind the moment you step onto the subway! Oh yes, and choosing New York, with that wonderful subway and endless things to do, was without a doubt my best decision.

n this unpretentious way, I ended up exploring every corner of the city, tasting all the foods I wanted, taking amazing photos and meeting a lot of people (to escape from them later, because, as I said, my company was always much better). It was one of the most delicious trips of my life and (sorry, friends) I’m sure it wouldn’t have been better if I had accompanied it.

For starters, Rairei a lot: I spent my entire budget on weird street food, subways, crazy theater plays and jewelry from a Flea Market. I didn’t spend any of my budget on trendy restaurants, taxis, clubs and makeup. I traveled in my style, without giving in to anything, and I can tell that my next traveling company is screwed. Because I LOVED not to give in on anything.

That this was the first of many trips with myself. Even because everything was so easy! From the moment I boarded until the return, I went through very few troubles and I managed beautifully in each one of them. Because I rock! And you too!! Did I have to impulsively travel alone to realize this? Yea! But there’s nothing like time alone in a strange place to make you see things that have been there all along . I loved rediscovering myself. What are you waiting for to make this trip?


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My name's Mary Lee, I'm a mom of twins and live in Los Angeles. Now the twins are at school, I can focus on my blog. You will be able to discover articles on lifestyle, hobbies, anything about the home and garden as well as entertainment. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write....

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