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For A Purposeful Life

I had some free time and I had the brilliant idea of writing a text for the blog. But I didn’t want to write about something specific, like a restaurant or any agenda here from my little agenda file. I wanted to write an ~inspiring~ text, about a new perception that came to me. Wow.

It’s funny the abyss of clichés that one sinks into when trying to write something kind of self-help, however authentic our motivations. I wanted to talk about “following your dreams”, “trusting your instincts” and believing in the “transforming power” of your posture in relation to the world. But wow, what a breeze, right? I think I’ve read 329297 (bad) texts about it.

Then another cliché occurred to me, which is what tells us to take risks and do what we want, without thinking about the “what if…”. Is this a cliché? I’m not sure, the truth is I’ve heard a lot of versions of this because I have very inspiring and kind of crazy people around me who live (very well) following utopian mantras like this. But I think this text is getting too subjective and I wanted to put my thoughts in a clearer way.

Go be happy. There, that’s it. Think about all the aspects of your life, the places you go and the people you live with. And if it doesn’t make you happy, cut it off. Life takes on other colors when we surround ourselves with positive people, special places and purposeful jobs. And this is all very personal: only you know what’s best for you, and it takes a lot of self-analysis to reach that conclusion. Sometimes we need a little push from the universe, a foot in the ass, a layoff.

It seems absurd, but in general our desires and our search for the “meaning of life” are in the background. We don’t stop to question “where are we” and “where do we want to go” when all our attention is focused on the shitty job stapler that doesn’t work. Haha ha! It sounds petty, but we know it’s like this: the little problems of everyday life suck our energy and take our focus away from what really should be our focus: us.

So I propose here, with this text, that you try to focus on yourself a little bit. And, like me, get ready to have a transformative year, with much more purpose. We’re going to have to work hard at it, because that’s how good things work. But don’t worry, I guarantee it: the universe helps.


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My name's Mary Lee, I'm a mom of twins and live in Los Angeles. Now the twins are at school, I can focus on my blog. You will be able to discover articles on lifestyle, hobbies, anything about the home and garden as well as entertainment. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write....

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