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From Hobby To Business

Sometimes you do not see with the naked eye, but your friends or family start to make orders without realizing it, you’re making extra money.

Your hobby can be that ingredient you need to become a successful person. And it is that, although it sounds cliché, when you do what you love, you do not feel that you are working and if you achieve a balance between passion and the reason for where you want your business to go, you can achieve it.

Here are six keys for your hobby to take shape and depth and become an entrepreneur:


Once you identify your hobby, think of the name, register it and design a logo that defines your brand. Design a business plan that allows you to get started. In this plan you must project all the objectives of your new company and the tasks that will lead you to achieve those objectives. Within this plan you can also consider the need to resort to a bank or possible investors to finance your project.

If you do not have skills in business, do not be discouraged, help yourself from third parties, and reach your goal.

What time will you dedicate to your hobby-business?

To see results, habit and discipline will be your allies. Luck is not sought, but its arrival is prepared. And for that we recommend setting a time to evaluate your hobby-business. You can start it as a part-time project. The key is not to think that it is a job, but a time for you where you give love to your project.

Evaluate its viability and profitability in the market

A business is profitable if it has a market. And for your hobby to become a business, you must know who can benefit from it. Consider the objectives, strategies and tactics, evaluate if it will meet the needs of producers, merchants and consumers, determine what the profit margin will be according to the cost of your project, and what social contribution you make.

Start the business

There are entrepreneurs who recommend starting with a small budget. You can apply for a loan or create a savings plan prior to the date you launch your idea to the market. During this journey, walk with fun by your side. This is the good thing about turning your hobby into a business, that you enjoy it. Although at first it is a bit tedious because of the processes you must carry out to formalize your new way of earning money.

Get update!

Instruct yourself every day on the trends of your business and with innovative tools to promote it. Take all the MOOCS courses you can, surf the Internet, learn from specialized blogs and learn about every aspect that affects your business for the better. You will see how you will not regret this investment.


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My name's Mary Lee, I'm a mom of twins and live in Los Angeles. Now the twins are at school, I can focus on my blog. You will be able to discover articles on lifestyle, hobbies, anything about the home and garden as well as entertainment. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write....

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