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How To Be More Creative

I think everyone who works with creativity has moments of inspiration and blocking. Moments that, in fact, are almost like phases: sometimes I spend months with very silly ideas for posts, and sometimes for months I feel completely genius and inspired. Is the secret to success learning how to control these phases of our creative spirit?

Well, the so-called “inspiring muse” that comes and goes is an idea that has permeated our literature for millennia, so if there were a guaranteed formula to grab it, it would have already been deciphered. However, I have noticed that there are some things that help a lot when we need to work more on the left side of the brain.

What motivated me to reflect on this, in fact, was incredible research from the University of Kansas that found that spending four days in the wild without electronics increases creative ability by 50%. WOW! And I have no doubts: my most inspired texts, photos and inventions came after traveling and getting away from the noise of the world. Want to know what else?

Travel: Nature and isolation bring unparalleled benefits for the head, but the truth is that even a trip to New York with your cell phone in hand can make you come up with incredible ideas, discover talents and refine your eyes. It was after this trip that I immersed myself in photography, and today I am more and more addicted to my Instagram .

Read: It’s a cliché, but some clichés are justified, right? And there’s nothing more inspiring than reading good books, getting familiar with clever constructions, learning words that look great in certain contexts. Reading is, yes, the best way to learn to write – and a training that should be taken for life.

Sleep Nothing triggers mood and creativity more than tiredness and sleep deprivation. I started to sleep earlier in the last few months and I always wake up lighter and more excited during the day. Sometimes that’s all we need to unstick that text that doesn’t saaaaai.

Eat right It seems that I’m turning away from healthy living, but no: I still have my excesses. And it’s just these days that I feel my body is unable to do anything but digest. In other words, the brain is slow, slow. Not to mention that the right foods have nutrients that can give you a headache. I just know: when I eat well, I produce better.

Get distracted This story of writing a book in one sitting, for me, is just a crazy fantasy. Creative work requires a certain lightness that does not exist focusing on 9h non-stop. I think this topic is kind of personal, actually, because a lot of people work under pressure. But I think freedom is fundamental to my process, and sometimes it’s a Facebook comment or a kitten in a neighbor’s window that gives me that epiphany I needed.

To love Seriously, there’s nothing in this world more inspiring than a new love! Owwwn! But love here really doesn’t even have to be romantic love: it’s loving the friends you work with, loving the subject you’re writing about, loving the brewed coffee at the time that gives you energy. A more positive posture may sound a bit irritating or Pollyanna, but forget the haters: who will be happy and inspired is you.


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My name's Mary Lee, I'm a mom of twins and live in Los Angeles. Now the twins are at school, I can focus on my blog. You will be able to discover articles on lifestyle, hobbies, anything about the home and garden as well as entertainment. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write....

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