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How to know if your roof should be fixed

Perhaps when you look at the roof of your house, perhaps you can see certain imperfections, but you think that it is something that can wait or that you simply cannot afford to deal with it now.

The roof may actually be giving you some warning signals so you know that replacement or repair is imminent. It is normal that you want to put this off because it can be a very large investment.

The investment can vary depending on the company and the materials they use. The days to carry out the work can vary depending on the difficulty of the project and a number of other factors. The longer the timescale, the more expensive the labor costs.

But you must bear in mind, that if you don’t replace the roof when you see the wear and tear signs, things will probably get worse and more costly to repair. So, it is good that you start saving with this in mind. The most common problem is that water will seep under the worn shingles and cause damage to the structures below. That’s when house leaks and mold start to happen.

The tiles are in bad shape

You will need to replace the roof if the shingles are in bad shape. The easiest way to know that you need to replace your roof is that the shingles themselves are starting to look worn.  There are a few ways to tell that you will need a new roof based on the look of the shingles:

  • Shingle edges may be curved or have a goblet appearance
  • The tiles are cracking
  • There may be bare areas

In short, if your roof is starting to look old and worn, it’s time to get it fixed before it’s too late.

Mold appears on the roof

Another key sign that you may need to replace your roof is that you are seeing moss on or between the shingles. While the moss on the roof may seem like a quaint quality that will make your home look like a fairy tale cabin in the woods, it is a sign of a potential problem.

Mold itself is not an automatic sign that you need a new roof right away. Moss grows naturally on or between shingles, especially on roofs that are in shady or humid climates. But the moss could hint at hidden damage.

The problem with moss is that when it rains, the moss absorbs the water like a sponge and holds it up.  The main purpose of the shingles is to allow water to fall off the roof and into the gutters. When moss is present, it prevents moisture from going where it needs to go. That can cause the shingles to break. Since moss prevents water from reaching gutters, it can also cause water to seep into layers under shingles, causing water damage and mold growth.

So if you see moss, you should call look for and get in contact with a few reputable commercial roofing contractors to clean up the moss and look for signs of permanent damage.

Take into account the age of the ceiling

Another key factor in determining if you need to replace your roof is the age of that roof. This is not a warning sign that can be seen sometimes, but it is worth keeping in mind. Roofs that are at least 20 years old can benefit from replacement with higher quality materials. Typical asphalt shingles last about that long. However, other materials can last longer. Slate, copper and clay / concrete roofs can last over 50 years and wooden roofs can last around 30, for example.  So, depending on what material you have on your roof and the last time you replaced it, it might be time to avoid problems.

Remember that for such a large investment, you may want to consider getting materials that last longer and are more durable, such as metal roofing. This is one of those home purchases where a higher initial cost could mean fewer repairs down the road. It could be a good investment, especially for a home where you plan to stay as long as possible. If you plan correctly, you may not have to replace your roof ever again. Whether you are installing a new roof or wanting to protect an existing one, speak to a professional for the best quote to see what is best for you.


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