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How To Talk About Pregnancy And Motherhood On Social Media

I’ve been thinking about how to bring the subject of motherhood here on the blog for some time now. If you follow me on social networks (more precisely Instagram and Twitter ), you already know the news: in 2021 I will be a mother! Of course, as for every woman in the labor market, the discovery of a pregnancy was accompanied by many professional uncertainties.

Since I’m not a CLT employee of a company, I don’t need to worry if I’m going to enter the appalling statistic of 48% of women who are fired within 1 year after returning from maternity leave. As a self-employed person, I have been making my emergency booking for a long time and have some stability to deal with this phase of less revenue with some peace (hopefully!).

As much of the content I generate on the networks comes from my own experiences and learning, I have no doubts that motherhood will bring invaluable insights. I can’t wait to share here a topic that I’ve always seen with great admiration and curiosity: maternal entrepreneurship. I promise not to glamorize!

But to what extent should I share this experience?

The biggest dilemma I face right now, in fact, is finding the balance between sharing this very important part of my life (and all its discoveries) and preserving the intimacy and privacy of such a personal moment.

As a public figure on social networks, many of my professional opportunities are the result of the proximity I have with my readers. It’s in the everyday tips, the ideas that inspire and the moments of vulnerability that we get closer to our audience – and we know that, more than ever, people are looking for this more human connection.

Not sharing the news with people who have followed my personal and professional growth so closely would not seem fair to me. But at the same time, my life is not a reality show. And I definitely don’t want to expose my baby to that.

I’m still discovering little by little how I can transform all this experience into relevant content while not violating my or my family’s intimacy. Talking about motherhood is not just about appeasing the curiosity of followers, but it can also be a way of informing, breaking myths and welcoming other mothers who may not have the same voice on the internet . It can allay uncertainties and doubts. It can be very rich!

I promise to do this as responsibly as possible and gradually share my findings, both here and in other networks. I take this opportunity to open the channel with you and ask for suggestions for channels, blogs or personalities who talk about the topic in a nice and responsible way. Do you know anyone who approaches this niche?


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My name's Mary Lee, I'm a mom of twins and live in Los Angeles. Now the twins are at school, I can focus on my blog. You will be able to discover articles on lifestyle, hobbies, anything about the home and garden as well as entertainment. I love to write and hope you enjoy what I write....

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