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How To Wash Your Woollen Clothes At Home

In the height of winter clothing season, it is no wonder that wool garments predominate . They are comfortable, warm and comforting, although as many already know, equally difficult to maintain.

Caring for clothes with care is not only synonymous with neatness, but a guarantee of durability . For this reason, many people go to great lengths to make their wool garments look perfect and without a trace of wear and tear, but given the problems that this fabric entails, many other people give up hiring the services of dry cleaners or simply resigning themselves to wearing visibly damaged wool garments. .

However, and since knowledge does not take place, here are some tips for those who decide to venture into the home care of wool clothing, recommending washing and care methods that will surely be of help.

A first approach to wool care

Wool is a fiber of mainly sheep origin, widely used in the textile industry for making clothes and household items, among others. Due to its characteristics, it is very useful to preserve body heat , but unlike what it appears to the naked eye, its fibers are not smooth, but rather overlap in a herringbone way.

It is these spikes that are responsible for the use of hot water, aggressive washing products or even rubbing the garments during washing, shrink and deform products made with wool. Hence, it is so necessary to take preventive measures before, during and after washing.

The first thing to keep in mind is that wool cannot be washed very often , since , as has been said, it contributes to the wear of the material. It is preferable to air the wool and only wash it when it stains or gives off a bad smell.

In case of washing, the following considerations must be taken :

If the garment has zippers or buttons , you should try to wash it closed so that it does not deform.

Also, if you have pockets , you have to check that they are empty, since something as simple as the remains of a tissue could remain between the gaps of the seams, which is not impossible to remove, but something tedious, so that it is better to prevent the situation.
Likewise, and along the line of debris, it should be shaken carefully to remove adhering threads, crumbs or lint.

How to wash wool garments at home?

To wash wool by hand, it is necessary to use specific products for delicate garments and cold water, not hot, since otherwise the fabric would shrink, in addition to trying not to rub. If you want to remove a stain, you should give small touches with a brush with soft bristles.

To wash this fabric in the washing machine, the main recommendation is to select the appropriate wash program. Today’s washing machines have programs for delicate garments , but in the case of old or low-performance appliances, it would be enough to select a short program with water that does not exceed 30ºC.

In the case of modern washing machines, it is necessary to specify that many already have an international certificate of softness wash after wash, it would be the case of the so-called Woolmark certified washing machine , so it is enough to select the program based on the manufacturer’s recommendations and simply worry about using products suitable for wool : mild detergents without chlorine and, under no circumstances, softener, since the composition of the wool does not tolerate it.

Other important recommendations

Once the washing cycle is finished, the garment should be drained well, but without squeezing it, and spread it out on a towel laid out on a flat surface. In this way, clips that leave marks or hanging on hangers that cause the fabric to deform as a result of the weight acquired by the absorbed water are dispensed with.

When drying flat, the wool is smooth, but if you want to iron, it should be ironed at temperatures below 110ºC, ensuring that the wool is still a little damp.


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