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Practical Tips For Hanging Clothes Indoors

Every day that passes we have less space in our house, many of these do not have enough space to hang clothes or do not have a terrace or outdoor patio. In these cases, the constant use of the dryer can raise the amount of the energy bill , for this reason, we invite you to read this article with the best tips for hanging clothes inside the house .

When we hang our clothes completely wet inside the house, we can cause problems, which can affect our health, since an environment that is too humid favors the appearance of viruses, fungi and bacteria . To avoid this problem, you can purchase a dehumidifier , which will reduce the humidity in our house and maintain an adequate temperature and free of contaminants.

Ideas for hanging clothes inside the house

The best places to dry clothes indoors are undoubtedly the kitchen, near a window or spacious places with drafts. Do not dry your clothes in the room or bathroom, the humidity will be higher and the clothes will have a bad smell.

Clothes dryers: There are elements that allow clothes to be dried quickly inside our house, the offers are unlimited, however, the delonghi dehumidifier not only has the drying function , it also solves the problem that we mentioned above about viruses in the environment. In this way, apart from not being necessary to open the windows (especially if this makes it cold in winter), you will keep your clothes dry and also free of bacteria.

Folding clothesline: In the market there are different types of clotheslines that will help you when it comes to saving space, remember to give each garment the necessary space to dry properly.

Clothes hangers: Although you have some clothesline, by using hangers, you can hang much more clothes in the same space . Rotating clothes hangers will make clothes dry quickly, plus you save a lot of space that can be used to put more clothes to dry.

Shaking clothes: Whether you wash by hand or in the washing machine, if you want to avoid wrinkles it is important that you shake all your clothes vigorously so you can forget about ironing.

Use of fans: There are garments that are thicker than others, these need more time to dry, but since they are not in contact with the sun, they do not dry fast enough to prevent them from acquiring a bad smell, for this reason the air from the fan accelerates this process, and thus we prevent it from smelling bad.

Tricks for hanging clothes inside the house

It is clear that we all need clean clothes, it is part of our personal hygiene. Either due to bad weather or the inexistence of an outdoor space to hang clothes, on many occasions, we must dry the clothes inside the house.

As we said before, making use of clotheslines, hangers and dehumidifiers is of vital importance. Our jeans, blankets and sweaters can take longer to dry, if you wash your clothes early in the morning you will have more time during the day for the clothes to dry completely.

Wash more frequently , if you prevent the clothes from accumulating, you will have more space and ventilation to hang them inside the house.

As far as possible, open all the doors and windows , the passage of natural air speeds up the drying of the clothes.

There are different sizes and types of clotheslines, choose the right one taking into account the available space you have in your home.

And you? Do you have any trick to hang clothes inside the house?


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