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Sniper Elite VR Game

Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) announces the arrival of Sniper Elite VR to the catalog of new games available for PlayStation®VR (PS VR), the virtual reality system of PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 that takes everyone to the next level of immersion players and that already exceeds 500 games and experiences. The arrival of the successful and acclaimed franchise was announced at the third edition of PS VR Spotlight, the PlayStation®VR digital event where the latest device news is revealed.

About the game

Sniper Elite VR, set in WWII and developed by Rebellion in association with Just Add Water and Coatsink, allows players to experience a powerful WWII story through the eyes of an Italian partisan who will rise up with his brothers and sisters to protect the homeland from enemy forces. Rebellion has designed Sniper Elite VR from the ground up as an exclusive virtual reality game that retains the usual features of franchise titles and offers a fresh perspective on the acclaimed stealth and sniping mechanics.

You can see the latest trailer for Sniper Elite VR by clicking the link:

Sniper Elite VR is available now on the PlayStation® Store at a price of $29.99.

In addition, PlayStation® VR will continue to add new features to its catalog so that all players can enjoy the next level of immersion during the summer holidays. Some of the titles that will be available soon are Arashi: Castles of Sin, Wanderer, Wind & Leaves, After the Fall or Fracked.

These great video games will join other iconic PlayStation® VR titles already available such as Astro Bot: Rescue Mission, Blood & Truth, Trover Saves the Universe, Beat Saber, Everybody’s Golf VR or Marvel’s Iron Man VR, ideal for summer fun.


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