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The best Brushcutters 2022: Tidy Up Your Garden With an Elite Brushcutter

The best brushcutters 2021 Tidy up your garden with an elite brushcutter

Whether it’s a string trimmer, brushcutter or anything else, it’s essential for ridding your garden of overgrown areas that are sometimes hard to reach.

Since the humble lawnmower can only take care of the open areas of outdoor space, a trusty brushcutter can help perfect fence edges, trim grass under decks, and take care of all those hard-to-reach places. Hence, it is a hard job to do yourself.

We recommend a brushcutter to do the job. But if you think you are very well capable of doing it yourself, we suggest you to use a walk behind string trimmer in order to be safe, but do not forget that buying one is more difficult than you might think, so we’ve rounded up some of the best options for those looking to add this handy tool to their arsenal.

However, as with most lawn and garden equipment, the price and features vary considerably between options. The more expensive models are usually cordless and have a universal battery that can power other tools, while the cheaper trimmers are usually basic corded designs.

Before getting into the details of each model, consider how much you’re willing to spend, how often you’ll be using the trimmer, and what you really need a trimmer for. This will help you make the best decision for your garden.

The best string trimmers available to buy today

Black + Decker LSTE525

If you’re in desperate need of a string trimmer but want some versatility, the Black + Decker LSTE525 is an ideal choice.

First of all, it is able to cut weeds with ease. The cordless design provides plenty of torque, and it even has the ability to advance the line with the push of a button (meaning you don’t have to use the old tapping trick).

The two speeds control allows you to switch between adding more power or increasing run time, also converting to a wheeled edger once the grass shredding is complete.

The multiple ways to use it does not end here, since the 20V Power Connect battery included in the string trimmer can also be adapted to the company’s wide range of power tools and garden equipment.

Worx GT 3.0 WG163.8

Worx’s GT 3.0 line can be combined in a number of different ways, but in our opinion the company’s cordless string trimmer along with the 20V battery and fast charger is the one to consider.

It actually offers a very similar package to Black + Decker’s LSTE525. It has the same ability to share its 20V battery with much of the company’s range, as well as transform it into an edger.

Again, no knocking is required to extend the reel – this can be done at the touch of a button – and the mower’s shaft is also adjustable, extending out for taller users and telescoping back for easier storage.

Ryobi OLT1832 18V String Trimmer

The Ryobi offers you all the typical string trimmer conveniences, making it another top choice to consider.

It’s all about giving you control over the action, with an adjustable cutting width, changeable handles and a pivoting head to find the best angles.

The 18V battery is not included in this package (although it can be purchased separately), and once you’ve purchased one to power your brushcutter, it can also be used to power other Ryobi tools.

Black + Decker 18V String Trimmer

Black + Decker’s 18V Brushcutter comes with all the typical bells and whistles, making it a great option for those who want some versatility.

The cordless design is great for those with larger gardens, and the two power modes help the user gain speed and power for quick trims and also switch things to a power-saving mode for those long tasks.

To help avoid the typical tapping technique to spread the line, this model also comes with an automatic line feeder. And for those who want to edging their lawn the right way, the head can also be positioned to handle high-torque edging.

Like many other Black + Decker brushcutter models, the 18V battery can even be integrated into other power tools and garden accessories.

Flymo Contour 500E

Flymo has five different string trimmers in its current collection, but the Contour 500E gives you the best combination of features and affordability in our opinion.

Like many other modern trimmers, this model folds up to help you tackle edges properly, with the head also able to easily tilt over the side wheel.

Plants and trees are also safe, thanks to the specific protection, and the handles and the telescopic shaft can also be adjusted to the height of the user.

You’ll have to negotiate a cable while you get your yard in shape, but the trade-off is a much more competitive price.


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