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The Right Way to Clean and Maintain Your Persian and Oriental Rugs

Cleaning and Maintenance of Persian and Oriental Rugs

An oriental carpet is a very decorative handmade item that provides us with beauty, elegance and comfort. As the materials and dyes used in its manufacture are natural, if they are well cared for, they can always be as beautiful as the first day and last for many years. For this reason, the following tips and tricks are important to keep the rugs like the first day.

But an important piece of advice is, if you are not confident on your knowledge or experience on cleaning and maintaining your rug,  opt for a professional oriental rug cleaning service and you’ll keep your oriental rug as brand new for many years.

Washing and Cleaning

The most suitable method for carpets is the same as that carried out in the countries of origin, manually, without using chemical or abrasive products, only water and neutral soap. This method is the same with which carpets have been cleaned for hundreds of years.

Inadequate cleaning, dry or with abundant chemical products, without a good previous vacuuming, leaves residues on the carpet and it will attract more dust and make it get dirty faster.

A good wash, in addition to disinfecting, ensures that the materials do not weaken and makes your rugs more resistant. It is advisable to wash Persian and Oriental rugs every 1 to 3 years, always depending on the use made of them and their location within the home.

Arrangements and Restorations

In oriental rugs, the fringes and sides are the first to be damaged with use and it is necessary to fix or replace them as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration, the repair of which would be more difficult and expensive.

In a damaged oriental rug, almost everything has a solution; In addition to the fringes and sides already mentioned, faded colors can be restored, “rebellious stains” removed, animal urine marks, various breakages, faded colors recovered, moth-proofing and damage caused by moths fixed, etc., but it is always recommended to request a quote before proceeding with the repair and consider the current cost of that part. In most cases, it is worth doing because a well-done restoration is difficult to see at first sight and leaves your rug in impeccable condition.

Storage and Conservation

Wool is a porous and temperature-regulating material, so it is not necessary to pick up the rugs in summer, but if for some reason you decide to remove them, it is advisable to wash them beforehand (dirty wool is more exposed to moth attacks).

Once clean, they should be stored and rolled up, never one on top of the other, nor folded, to avoid marks, protected with anti-moth products and covered with a cloth or paper. Also remember that plastic, if stored for a long period of time, can produce mold.


A great enemy of Persian and oriental wool rugs is “the moth”. It is advisable to check the parts of the rug that are under furniture, beds or in spaces that are not stepped on regularly and treat them with anti-moth products to prevent them from growing and potentially causing serious and expensive damage to repair.

A moth-eaten carpet can be repaired, but sometimes the cost of it is so high that it is not worth the expense.


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