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That’s right … you just keep feeding those birdies …


Rabbid Attack

Best thing on the Wii ;)

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Your Own Personal Lawn

Take your own personal lawn with you for those (rare) moments, if you’re in england that is, when the sun busts out from behind a cloud. Whip out your suitcase-sized lawn and grab some efficiently planned rays. Nice! Make use of those moments when you’re waiting for the bus etc. ;) GrassMan is from an installation by Kristen Martincic – and just happend to be perfect for urban balcony owners : ) Source image here. ( If you never wanted to leave grassy surfaces behind in the first place try this ;)  )


Sushi Pillows

.. And if you are ever feeling dizzy or faint, rest your weary head on one of these – Sushi Pillows! Here’s my favourite the shrip one. Lots of other cute knick-knacks in the shop there.

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Photo shot by Annamarie Tendler in NYC. Via Flickr & Browny Walking



These are great. Custom handmade felt rugs by John Pour Home. I can see a Monster-Munch bath matt appearing soon! ;) What a nice idea, and so simple. Good work John! And thanks for the link Tommy Vegas ;)

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Some of the most talented and likable people i’ve ever met have spent time at HyperIsland, with many passing through the Poke doors over the years. If you get a chance to grab one in the future, tie them to a chair and don’t let them leave ;) Over the past 7 years Poke Hypers include designers and coders – Simon K, Nico, Hanky, Isak, Mattias G, Dan, Patrik, Johan, & our current Interactive Art Director intern, Stina.

HyperIsland, the swedish hot bed of young digital talent, are now recruiting for their Diploma Programs. They’ve very kindly asked me to take part in the call for new students. This is part 3 of ten video interviews they’ve made with lectures, students, and professionals about their experiences with interactive design and the Hyper Island School. The other 9 parts are scattered among other designs blogs across the web ….

This video ( scroll down ) features a young chap ( Mattias Lindberg ) who’s pretty niffty with the tween function in Flash ;) He introduces himself as “Fake Pilot – One of the best designer’s in the world”… “at your humble service” which is a little of an oxymoron, but bare with it ( and the darth vader bit ), he’s actually a pretty good animator.

There’s a bit of an interview where he talks about what originally got him excited about flash animation back in the day, his thoughts on the future, and a bit on his working process and the craft of animation. Also – Video No.1 and No.2

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DO NOT EAT SUSHI BEFORE GETTING ON A PLANE - especially if you are eating it out in the hot sun, thinking oh yum yum, isn’t this nice, a lovely bit of juicy raw tuna to round off the holiday … take it from me, it’s a serious no-no! Writting that even makes me feel like running to the bathroom…. ergh! It makes the turbulence especially exciting ;)

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Invdr Monster

Jonathon Yule is a graphic designer from Toronto. He’s made a couple of cheeky monster and robot t-shirts ;) Check ‘em out. I like the monster in pink best.

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Strip Plushies

They look cute but .. wait .. what’s this .. ??? There’s a dodgey geezer inside! See more cheeky chaps here….


Monsters On Chipboard

A Gentleman Never Tells – Lovely title. Just one of many many rich and exciting illustrations in Colby Nichols’ portfolio. Some great mixed media illustrations, and of course a good peppering of Monster action. Oh yes! Also there’s T-shirts and you can buy the original acrylic artworks.

The Graduate Horror Show

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Keep those pencils sharp! – keep those burglars out ( or if you’re American i believe it’s burgularizers ) : ) You kinda wonder what the rest of the house would look like if they’d have extended the stationary theme…


Fish Incident

I’m heading to California for a week with Cookie, so you’ll have to entertain yourselves for a few days until i get back ; ) I may well be entering the water at some point. So hopefully this time there’ll be no fishy incidents. Owch! …

As you know, my very own Micheal Palin, Ewan Mcgregor & Indiana Jones rolled-into-one boyfriend, is kicking off his epic adventure to walk south to north across America. It’s crazy, but hugely impressive at the same time. Battling rattle snakes and grizzly bears as he goes, he faces unimaginable and terrible conditions such as being 5 days walk from the nearest pint of beer. You can find out more about this trip to Mordor, and how you can follow him progressively turning ferrel, here.

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Yes. You read that correctly. Watch it! : ) It must have taken days and days to get this set up. I give it 2 weeks before it’s turned into a TV ad … if it’s not already. Via Neatorama


Help Me - Whale

Via Ffffound. If you know who the artist is let me know! I’d love to see some more …

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